Camel day

Day 5


You’ve seen that camel commercial, you know, the one about the camel going around the office making jokes because Wednesday is hump day and he’s a camel? Well, this is our camel day.

First off, Nicholette & Jim joined us for our trip! And we are so thankful to have them!IMG_1582Our day today was the beginning of something kind of awesome, although we didn’t know it yet. Today was the day when we split up and went to various places for volunteering.

All of our youth went out to various agencies for the day to help cook meals, play with children, clean, paint and restore, weed garden, and much more!

IMG_1739 IMG_1742














Now, how do you feed almost 50 people (most being youth) dinner out? Clearly, you split up and go to different restaurants.  So, we spent our evening on the town. One group went to Fellini’s Pizza, another to the Flying Biscuit, and a third to Sun in My Belly.

That’s about it. This one is short and sweet. Why? Because I’m playing catch-up and it’s midnight.


Published by: thetravellingtheologian

An artist, wanna-be-writer and theologian, and youth worker, who spends her time writing, exploring, traveling, researching, cooking, making biscuits, and making food-memories. I love my job and I love my wife (not in that order). I like to write things down and then put them out there and see if someone is listening. If you don't like it, that's okay. I'm only a people pleaser to those I wish to please, until I'm not. I travel with 2 L's because I can, and because I accidentally forgot to spell check myself when creating this a long time ago. I get all my definitions from and I take all my own photos. No photos may be used without permission.

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