Carrie’s Reflection

Last week, you heard from one of our youth on the trip. This week’s reflection is from one of our leaders that went on the trip with us.

Name: Carrie


Why did you go on the Justice Journey?

I went on the Justice Journey because I have always been extremely interested in civil rights and race relations. I have read countless books about the civil rights, visited museums and exhibits in the past, and taken classes in college about civil rights. This trip seemed “right up my alley.” More importantly, I really wanted to get to know the youth on the trip. As a first year confirmation leader last year, I did not know many of the youth at all. I was blown away by their strength, respect, manners, and intelligence. This group of young students is so amazing. They are bright, inquisitive, polite, and energetic. They welcomed me into the group right away and made me feel like I had been with them for years. I am so fortunate that I was able to spend time with them on the justice journey and I hope to go on more trips with them in the future.


What was something that surprised you?

Something that really surprised me were the comments made from a lot of the youth that they haven’t learned a lot about civil rights in their schools. They knew a little about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, but that’s about it. As a teacher myself, this really made me think. I am definitely going to incorporate this trip into my curriculum for next year as I think it’s important for students to know about civil rights and what has happened in our past, as well as what’s happening in the present in their own country and community.

Are you taking anything away from all this?

I am going to take away so much from this trip. One thing is that our youth give me so much hope for our future. They are such strong leaders and I know they are going to make a difference in whatever it is they decide to do. I am also going to remember that there is still so much work to be done in regards to race relations and we need to step up and first acknowledge it, but second, make a change!

I will definitely teach others about the kneel-ins that happened in southern churches. Not many people know about them and I think it’s very interesting.

I loved the justice journey 2015!!!!!



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