Brenna’s Reflection

This week, we have a reflection from  one of our Chicago Lights Tutoring students who was part of our trip. Here’s some of her thoughts on the trip.

Name: Brenna


So, why did you go on the Justice Journey?

Greater knowledge of my background, experience, and to have fun, are all reasons why I went on this trip. I achieved all of these things and even more. I had great laughs, made amazing friends, and I was adopted into a new family. Despite the blazing sun, the hard gym floors, and the early mornings, our Justice Journey is an experience that I will never forget.


What is something that you learned or took away from this trip?

Going into our Justice Journey I didn’t realize that we would encounter and work with people experiencing homelessness. Throughout each day of working with them I realized that homelessness doesn’t have a look. One night we were going inside after our stroll through downtown Atlanta. We spoke to all of the people outside. But, one girl stood out to me. She wore a gorgeous printed green maxi dress. She was glowing. Her skin was radiant and she had the largest and most beautiful smile on her face. If she wasn’t there sitting on her box you would never know that she was experiencing homelessness. Usually, I don’t see people experiencing homelessness smiling but that night it seemed as though all of the people were enjoying their lives in that moment. People are quick to say that homeless people are bitter. It ultimately just depends on the person and their outlook.


That night, seeing that young girl made me realized that a person experiencing homelessness doesn’t always have to appear that way, which is why we should never judge a book by its cover.


Published by: thetravellingtheologian

An artist, wanna-be-writer and theologian, and youth worker, who spends her time writing, exploring, traveling, researching, cooking, making biscuits, and making food-memories. I love my job and I love my wife (not in that order). I like to write things down and then put them out there and see if someone is listening. If you don't like it, that's okay. I'm only a people pleaser to those I wish to please, until I'm not. I travel with 2 L's because I can, and because I accidentally forgot to spell check myself when creating this a long time ago. I get all my definitions from and I take all my own photos. No photos may be used without permission.

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